This ain’t easy.

Who has watched their time go by? The clock is moving so fast that you can’t see what’s happening. Funny how we never understood the saying “Life will pass you by.” Now we looking dumb because it is.

I learned as a young girl growing up near Lake Michigan that life passes you by because you allow it. How do we allow life to pass us by? Because we are just existing and doing nothing.

When I realized as a teen that existing will not get me a track scholarship. I kept running but mentally I was STUCK. Stuck in my norm, stuck in a dark place, and so stuck that I damn near was frozen in one place.

When I share my story people ask how did you move around from that place. A place of nothing, a place if chaos, or a place of ugliness. Of course their isn’t a simple answer.

What I’ve noticed is that most people don’t like to be uncomfortable or tested. They are okay with where they are. However they know that they are hitting a brick and steel wall. I will say this that everyday was a struggle.

1. Let go

The saying is “LET GO AND LET GOD” or “LET GO AND GROW.”

The first thing I had to do was acknowledge that my pain and unforgiveness had me stuck.

You can not hold what someone did almost you. When Your holding on to grudges your stagnating your growth. But How? You’ve held on to the bull for so long that you accepted it into your soul.

You have to release what the universe has thrown away. Forgiveness isn’t about them it’s about you.

2. Accountability

Let’s be real. How many of us hold ourselves accountable? REALLY hold ourselves accountable.

The hardest thing to do was for me to understand if I achieve it I can receive it.

How can I want to build a house yet I reached out to any relators, checked out neighborhoods, or explore my options. just spinning my wheels with no aim.

To be honest done this a I did not finish my goals. I did not execute at all And that’s why I have no movement.

3. Truth

I finally stop living in a world where what folks said mattered, comparing myself to others, and looking to others for vaildation.

As you go through Let Go, and hold yourself accountable the truth will flow so well as you speak.

Nothing nor anyone can tell you anything else. It’s the Truth! We are all here for a limited time. We all know that we have to walk away or walk towards?

Remember that in order to grow you have to let go, in order to achieve greatness you have to hold yourself accountable, and you have too be truthful.

Andrea A. Moore

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