Why I said No!

It’s time to speak on the truth. The truth about why I said No and what I said No to. Taking a discovery call for a company that is at a stand still in their business.

The call went great. We vibe very well. As I’m speaking on the program that will uplevel her business. I had a strange feeling. A feeling that I’ve gotten before and decided not to take on the clients.

After we spoke she felt like I would be a good fit for her company but she had a few more people to speak to.

Fast forward 3 days went by and she contacts me and says I want to work with you. I had to let her know that although I’m excited for you that I don’t think I would be a good fit to work with you. As the CEO sighed I thought to myself that can’t be good. I proceed to tell her that I will give her names of strategist and coaches that may fit her needs.

She says “Really Andrea.”

I said of course. I still stand by how I’m excited for you and how I can’t wait to see you and your company grow.

I did exactly what I said and found her an awesome strategist. What’s interesting is now this young lady and I are friends.

The lesson behind this is even though you may hit your target market. Some may not be connected to you business wise but connected to you otherwise.