The Ocean and Marine Life: We Still Have Time to Fix It

“Respect them enough for they have welcomed you inside their habitat”

Peaceful. That was my thought the very first time I saw that view in front of my eyes. How the big sea turtle swam slowly, did not feel slightly disturbed by our appearance. Maybe that sea turtle has been going through an easy life in the sea, with no worries of bad things that could happen.

If only the turtle knew that his other friends on the other seas might not experiencing the same peaceful life as he is. Maybe they have to keep moving away because their habitat has been destructed by selfish people indirectly throw junks on the sea.

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and we only inhabit small part of it. It cannot be denied that ocean and marine life inside hold substantial part to balance the ecosystem and maintain the survival of human race.

Yet, not all people seem to understand this crucial role of the ocean and marine life. Well, maybe they do, but they try to find thousand of reasons to keep what they are doing, that directly and indirectly become major reasons of the damage of ocean and marine life. They think that oil spills are normal, coral damages are repairable, and global warming is just an issue. They will not shut up until they have to lose their lands because the sea level keeps on increasing or they cannot find food resources to eat anymore. And when that time happens, they realized that everything is too late.

But hey, we do not have to wait until that crazy scenario happens, do we? The ocean and marine life problems affect us globally. That is why we have to decide together, not tomorrow but now, not from others but from ourselves, on how to fix the problems before the unfixable come.