Be your own best (travel) friend

Traveling solo for a medium-long term can be a learning experience like no other.

The first time it can feel like being on the edge of a cliff without a parachute and it can be terrifying. 
But the truth is that it takes just a second, just the time of buying a one way ticket to somewhere. Nothing more to do, just start.

This type of journey will go much further than usual, it is not about seeing anymore it’s about understanding. Understanding people, languages, cultures, but most importantly ourselves.

Being alone does not mean being lonely:

The fact that you are able to feel good on your own does not mean you’re not sociable, sometimes it’s just time for ourselves. Travel alone, can help you to learn something about yourself, how to explore your limits and your potential.

Meeting new people becomes easier:

Here’s the truth: You’re gonna meet loads of amazing people. When travelling with friends we are more enclined to spend time within the group rather then socialize with new people. If you’ll have the right attitude you will not feel lonely for a moment; loads of inspiring people are out there, ready to share with you fantastic stories and moments.

Freedom is everything:

Travelling with someone is nice of course, but think of the benefits of being on your own. Planning is not required anymore. You will have the freedom to decide in the moment what you want to do whether you want to wake up really early and have a productive day or a lazy Sunday in bed.

Learn how to go with the flow:

No, you can‘t always control what happens around you, get used to it. There are places out there where life as you think it is does not even exists. Traveling teaches you to go with the flow, not to go crazy if things are not as you expected, to find the good, the useful, the interesting in what the world offers.

You learn how to understand when you don’t understand

Ok, cool. You speak English, French, German, Spanish. But there are places where they do not speak any of these languages, and then the only thing you can do is to use your body language. You will learn that also a smile can communicate a lot, sometimes even more than actual words.

It will make you a better traveller

Traveling alone makes you a better observer of people and places around you, which in turn has the power to make you more compassionate and a better person overall. Being an outsider, automatically changes the way you interact with others, and these changes are positive when it comes to travel. In addition to making you kinder and more patient, solo travel increases your curiosity about your surroundings, and chances are you’ll learn a lot about others simply by paying more attention than you would if you were with a travel companion.

So next time you’ll decide to travel, remember this post, pack your suitcase, check your things and don’t forget to take yourself.