My Cat Is Ruining My Credit
drew salisbury

I like to think of the amortized costs for our cats! Pennies per day!

As someone who has had use of one of the world’s leading veterinary ophthalmologists in NYC, I have seen where vet costs are much more price sensitive than human stuff. Our cat had 4 surgeries to correct a congenital defect (eyelashes growing into his eye) and later a surgery to remove an eye (he had developed a cancerous tumor), all for less than $2000 in total. He’s now 13 and has had a healthy, happy life. Pennies per day!!

I echo what people say here, to shop around in terms of vet practices and meds (the Walgreens discount card is $35/year for a family and you can put pets on there — we save TONS on the one med we give the other cat).

We have a two-pronged approach. Our regular vet is a local guy who is amazing and runs a boutiquey practice. Yearly physicals run about $300 for two cats, but also identifies issues before they get out of hand (especially teeth). Specialists and surgeries go to Animal Medical Center (our guy doesn’t do overnight surgery. They are very well-priced and provide world class care. We also regularly donate to them. A neighbor goes to ASPCA or Humane Society for lower priced care.

Honestly, living things in your care require care and money. They are some of the best investments, though. Few things make me as happy as our cats.

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