I’m wondering how other people on The Billfold have decided that going into debt for graduate…

It all really depends on what that ROI gets you. I went to grad school to ensure that I could keep my job grade/job title. The type of Master’s I got is not that rigorous, but is part of the qualifications for this title.

My priorities were to find the cheapest program and the quickest timeframe. I did an executive master’s at a public university (more expensive than the regular master’s, but shorter and more manageable), worked full time and paid out of pocket. Others in the program took out loans.

In my case, I needed that piece of paper to ensure I kept my relatively high paying job. Others got that same paper and took out $50K in loans and it hasn’t seemed to have helped them (yet — four years out) career-wise.

If it will give you ACTUAL advantages and some of it will be paid for, go for it.

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