Spark 001 / Constructivist critique
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Great read! A few questions come to mind:

  1. What is the ‘textbook’ definition of communism? Can this, or has this ever succeeded as an overall system for a country? (I don’t mean communist systems such as healthcare or education in a capitalist country).
  2. Is taking from the rich and giving to the poor ideal? Sure it would contribute towards solving overconsumption, but wouldn’t it then create another problem? Such as the degradation of the individual — perhaps moving towards an Aldous Huxley world?

The system where everything is equal, and the system where not everything is equal, but everyone has a decent opportunity to do the things they want, is a tough question to answer. Because if we go either way we run into the destruction of our home, or the elimination of our reason to exist in the first place.

I’d love for you to elaborate on these ideas!