A Healthy Blabber

I recently moved back to Mexico City after 10 years of living abroad in New York, London and Switzerland. I’m not even Mexican, I am from Colombia, but I lived in Mexico for 5 fantastic years from the time I was 13 until I turned 18 and ever since I have considered this vast and beautiful monster of a city, my home. But that’s not the reason I came back. I came back because (warning: this next sentence is very corny) there is no other city in the world that inspires me like Mexico City does and something was calling me back. That and of course there was the issue of the love that reeled me in quietly and slowly while everyone was asleep…

I feel ridiculous even writing this but I feel so inspired here that it is almost saturating. I can’t even gather my thoughts in order to channel this inner energy. I find myself procrastinating to sit in front of the computer because so many sentences, thoughts, images, and stories come to my head that I don’t even know where to begin, what to tell, how to say it! I love the smells of this city, the chaos on the streets, its abundant history which is so present everywhere. I feel that Mexicans love life and their country and that is so incredibly contagious.

If you’re wondering if I’m a writer, I’m not although it’s one of my dreams. I am 28 and my life situation has changed drastically - for the good. Art is my life field of choice and profession. I consider myself very lucky to have discovered at my crispy 18 years of age that art was my passion. No, I’m not an artist but I appreciate art more than I can say and that is what I have dedicated my life to.

Does anyone else feel this way somewhere in the world? I love this feeling - I’ve never felt more alive.