IA#8 Museum Visit 3 (MCAD Manila)

Edgar Talusan Fernandez, Our Lands are Marked with Destruction.. and We With Them, 1979, Paper ,60 X 45 cm , Gift of the Catholic’s Bishops ‘ Conference Episcopal Commission on Tribal Filipinos

This work belongs to “ The State ( Protest Art )” category. The tribal communities have remained steadfast in their struggle with this rallying cry “Our lands are marked for destruction, and we with them “ They believed that to be able to defend their lives, they must defend their lands as well.

Pio Abad, Ferdinand as Malakas, 2015, Digital Print on canvas on faux bamboo frame, 180 X 117 cm

This work that falls under “ The State ( Glory of the Ruler )” category features a musclebound Ferdinand Marcos as Malakas ( The strong one ), emerged from bamboo split open by a magical bird, as picture shows. It also depicted the Holy Trinity :Marcos as Christ, with Holy Spirit as a dove and God’s presence in the celestial sky above.

Pio Abad, Imelda as Maganda,2015, Digital Print on canvas on faux bamboo frame, 180 X 117 cm

This art work, also belongs to “ The State ( Glory of the Ruler )” category, shows a similarly hideously twee presentation of Imelda captures her as Maganda (The Beautiful One ), the Eve of Ferdinand’s Adam.

This display of archival materials belongs to “ The State ( War, War Scenes, Warriors )” category aims to explain how Cold War and /or anti communist cultural forms were formed by sovereignty. It also aims to explore the ways in which continual colonialism and postwar fascism shaped modern Asian society.

Simryn Gill, Skin, 1994, Dry Mango Sculpture

For me, this artwork of Simryn Gill probably falls under “ The Food ( Glorifying Food)” category. Glorifying is an act causing to or treating something to be more splendid, excellent, etc., than would normally be considered. He made use of the mango skin as material for his artwork to encourage the viewers probably and to inform us that we can create something out of the food that we eat.

Overall reflection of the MCAD visit

I’ve been so many times in MCAD, The exhibit highlights art practices, case studies, new commissions and certain artworks from the Kadist Collection. The Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs exhibit serves as an interrogation on issues like the anticolonial struggle, the resurgence of nationalism, and the many other transformations happening within the continent. One thing that I learned during my short exhibit experience is that we can transform ordinary objects into an art.