Reflection in Martial Law Exhibit

I visited an exhibit located at the 12th floor of the SDA campus. The exhibit is all about Democracy and Human Rights. It also displays Rekindling Lessons of Martial Law and People Revolt. As a college student, the topic isn’t new to me so I already have an idea about the content of the Martial Law Exhibit.

I learned several things such as how the unemployment rate balooned from 6.30%-27.65%, how Marcos became enabled to build more schools, hospitals, and infrastructures than any of his prodecessors. Also, with the help of the exhibit, I was able to recall the happenings when the Philippines experienced Martial Law. Militants staged series of demonstrations and series of youth formations and sector movements was marked during period of Martial Law.

After reading the banners, I have come to realize how lucky I am, that I have the freedom all those heroes during Martial Law fought for. Without breaking any sweat, I realized how blessed I am, and how important to appreciate the freedom that I am experiencing right now and of course, the people behind this.

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