Six Downtowns

Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, Idaho Springs, Denver, Frisco

Castle Rock

Quaint and calm, with a mix of gift shops, food and drink, the Castle Rock downtown is going to be so refreshing. Of course there are plenty of mountain bike trails and other hiking as well in the area. Jason and I love it so far and can’t wait to spend more time there.

Not the best picture, but shows the cute and quaint-ness

“The Springs”

We did a short Colorado Springs day to see the place I’ll be working in, the surrounding area and Garden of the Gods. Another beautiful site! (I also bought Harry Potter the cursed child there, I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t have it day of-not very super-fan-like of me).

Lots of daredevils
Real rock climbers
View from higher up at the visitors center


Breckenridge is still busy this time of year. I’m sure not as busy as during ski season, but there seemed to be a busy buzz in the air. Lots of places to eat, we tried a pizza place of course (Sammy was craving deep dish).

That’s too much pizza for 5 people
People cooling off a little in the water
Hey what do ya know? Can’t get away from it ;-)
Aaand we couldn’t resist buying this

Idaho Springs

Our Idaho Springs day was mostly seen while zip lining and rafting. We have no pictures of this since we didn’t want to risk losing our phones, but just picture us wearing lots of funny gear awkwardly with white and yellow helmets. All of us liked Zip lining (Al was not super fond of it — he also was quite funny to watch as he did not sit back and hold on but somehow stiffened into a pencil) but we would recommend doing a zip line that is higher up in the mountains where you make your way down; we had to do a lot of stairs and aren’t in “Colorado shape” yet.

Last but not least of the Idaho Springs day, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! They went out for a meal in Breckenridge courtesy of the kids :)

Fun fact, they stayed in Idaho Springs about 32 years ago the summer of their first anniversary.

33 years woohoo! Thanks for everything, we love you!


Our Denver day was pretty low key. Just a little site seeing of the Botanic Gardens and the 16th Street Mall area. We also checked out a very cool record store Sammy found. Verdict: fun and beautiful city!

Probably not supposed to do that with the plants…
I took way too many of these succulents
Bumblebee with orange stripe? Anyone know about this?
I feel like every other sentence is “get a picture over here”
Checking out the interactive city

Dinner was SO scrumptious- Panzano’s. Go there. I need to over share here. We ordered 3 appetizers: a prosciutto flatbread, brussel sprouts with apple and mushroom crepes. We each had a main meal of course. Then 2 desserts: tiramisu and cannoli. Each and every plate was clean. I hope to get into “Colorado shape” as I’ve mentioned but I hope I don’t lose my ability to take down a delicious meal.

We decided that we have less funny stories this trip because Jason has been navigating. We generally get lost or do some sort of dumb thing cause we(Al) aren’t paying attention to where we are going, but not this trip! Well, thanks Jason we are more efficient with you!


LOVED Frisco. Also very quaint, kind of a bigger version of Castle Rock set right in the mountains. Unfortunately it was rainy and we couldn’t (well technically we COULD have) do the hiking we wanted to, so we did “Frisco Escape Room.” A very fun escape room adventure — and we were successful!

I wish they sold the videos of you trying to figure it out but obviously they can’t, but I tripped about 5 times on the same floor board.
Rain rain go away (still made for a beautiful landscape)
Where’d the mountains go?

It has been an AMAZING little vacation. Very excited to be calling this state our second home and exploring it more in the future! Stay tuned!