Finding Innovative Ways to Stay Motivated as a Graphic Designer

Andrea Klohn
Oct 20, 2015 · 2 min read

Creativity is so important to the graphic designer’s process. And it all stems from motivation. Many things can hinder a graphic designer’s motivation, and, in turn, creativity, such as fatigue or a heavy work load. Graphic designers quickly realize that they need to find innovative ways to stay creative.

Find a workspace that inspires creativity

The typical cubical office setting isn’t always ideal for graphic designers. Depending on your personal preferences, you may need peace, quiet, comfort, etc. that an office environment just cannot provide. If you are able, get out of that office if its holding you back and find a location that inspires creativity.

Make deadlines for yourself

Creating deadlines for yourself will allow you to develop a concrete schedule and push yourself to be motivated. This can be especially helpful when working on multiple projects at once. It is easy to get overwhelmed by a heavy workload but if you stay organized and focus on one project at a time, you will find it easier to stay motivated.

Take feedback selectively

It can be extremely helpful at times to get feedback from your colleagues and peers. Sometimes it can be difficult to look at your work from an outside perspective after working on it for hours. Just keep in mind that the feedback may not always be what you want to hear. However, you are completely in control of which feedback you choose to listen to or not. Don’t be discouraged by negative comments.

Seek Inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t always come as easy as we would like it to. If it doesn’t find you immediately, don’t give up. Pull from varying sources of inspiration such as artwork, literature, nature, etc. You never know what will spark your interest and motivate you to create something amazing.

Sources: Nicky. “How To Stay Motivated As A Graphic Designer.” Designrfix., 11 Nov. 2011. 28 Sept. 2015.

Andrea Klohn

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student / graphic communication / theatre & arts management

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