Eye cream? Necessary or not? — What L’Oreal does not want you to know …#3

Last week we tackled toner and went into how toning is not a necessary step. While I think that toner is not a must, does the same applies to eye cream? For years, we’ve heard the skin care lap that skin around eye areas are thin, so we must use an eye cream! So, how much of it is true, what does our eye area really needs and what to put there?

First thing first, there is no doubt that under eye skin is different from rest of the face. It is the thinnest skin of the body and constantly creased due to different facial expression. This is the argument that we all heard many times and thus reached for an eye cream. But, wait a second there… what can eye cream do for this special zone?

What L’Oreal does not tell you is that most eye cream is actually formulated to do very little. Shocking, isn’t? Afterall, we are paying double the price, for half of size of product compared to normal moisturizer. But think about it, thinner skin means that under eye is naturally more sensitive to irritation. This is why eye cream lacks high potency of active ingredient to deliver meaningful result, hence the gentleness. In other words, we are paying big bucks for less potent formulation.

So if eye cream is too gentle to be effective and potent, what should we put under eye ? In fact, there is no research indicating that under eye skin need different ingredients from our face. Yes, it is more sensitive and hence should avoid irritants like fragrance or preservatives. But skin everywhere on our face should also be treated gently, with non-irritating formulas and beneficial ingredients. In fact, if you’re already using a gentle yet effectively enriched moisturizer or serum, it may be perfect for the eye area, too!

So, my rule of thumb is — does your under eye area have different needs rest of your face?

  • Puffiness?
  • Dark circle?
  • Fine line?

It is true that different skin concerns may call for different ingredient/products. It just need not to be an eye cream. I have shortlisted some ingredients for different types of needs. Look for product with these ingredients and it may or may not be an eye cream. Since so many people asked me about product recommendation, it is enclosed below:

  • Caffeine — good for puffy eye (The ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG USD$10)
  • Vitamin K — help with dark circle
  • Antioxidants — overall anti-aging and should be apply around eyes too (and whole face ofc) (Vitamin c e ferulic from Skinceuticals or Paula choice)
  • SPF — overall anti-aging and should be apply around eyes too (and whole face ofc)

One great tip is to always wear sunglasses outdoor. As effective as using sunscreen around the eye area is, the delicate skin around the eyes needs more. The right pair not only look great on you, but also protect your eye area like no other! But make sure your sunglasses has effective UV protection (UV 400).

Do I use an eye cream myself? NO, i put serum/moisturizer/SPF under eye too. Every minute counts when you rush out of door in the morning!

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