I tried the Korean “7 skin method” for a week

I blogged about how toner is not a necessary step in your skincare two weeks ago. But last week, I went the opposite and tried “7 Skin method” for one whole week — in Korea, Toner is also called skin, in other words, it is the “7 toner method”. This is what I found:

What is 7 Skin method?

Famous youtuber — Da Yeoung Kim

It is a technique that pats seven layers of toner (!) onto your face, one right after another, in a sitting. The rationale behind is to increase moisture level of skin without greasiness from traditional moisturizer. It’s particularly great to hydrate oily but dehydrated skin type, reaching the optimal balance of hydration and oils. (Note: dehydration is a lack of water content in skin, dryness is a lack of water and oil content in skin. So, oily skin can be dehydrated yet oily at the same time)

What are the steps?

  1. Pour a dime size amount of toner/essence onto your palm. The key is to layer, so less is more each time.
  2. Gently rub between palms, press & pat on the U zone (i.e. cheeks), and press & pat the leftover on the T zone (i.e. forehead and nose)
  3. Allow 30 seconds in between each step

What is the result?

My skin is definitely dewier than usual, also plumper. As I layer my toner, I find my skin hydrated without the usual heaviness from moisturizer. It felt so light, almost like my skin drinks a glass of water! After the method, I put on some serum and and move straight to SPF, skipping moisturizer. This is amazing for summer time. I also found my sebum production is less active, with less shiny forehead in the afternoon. This is probably due to increase of water content in my skin, and cutting back on moisturizer.

What toner to use?

If you’re slapping seven layers of toner onto your face, you’re going to want to reach for one that’s hydrating (i.e. no acid) and alcohol-free. I am loyal fan to NIOD SDSM mist. It contains SOD — fight anti-aging, Four o’clock flower — fight inflammation, and Marine Exopolysaccharide — fight dehydration. Everything that suits my need, and almost everyone’s need! (Note: more research shows inflammation speed up aging of skin)

What is the verdict?

The 7 Skin method leaves you dewier skin with light feeling. I certainly recommend it if you are a skincare junkie like me. However, 7 skin is really quite a lot of time, effort, and …toners. After my one week of experiment, I switch back to 3 skin care method, which give me similar results. But if my skin ever becomes dehydrated again, either from flight, hangover or sunbath, I’d definitely bust out the 7 skin method.