Thoughts From an Airport
Nicole Dieker

Some routines are essential for me. The little routine I run though my head before I leave the house to make sure I have everything. Daily check lists, of course . A regular work schedule helps.

On the other hand, I detest monotony and value spontaneity. Buying a spur of the moment ice cream cone on a beautiful day just because it’s a beautiful day to eat an ice cream cone in the park. Getting a text from an out of town friend that they’ll be in my neighborhood the next day and enjoying the afternoon together, even if it costs me $30 I wasn’t planning on spending. The spontaneous stuff that bothers me is when I end up getting an overpriced mediocre lunch because I forgot mine at home.

I guess it’s all a weird balancing act between constant calculation and riding the waves that come our way. I really enjoy these posts, Nicole.

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