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I was not put on this earth to live an ordinary life. I want to experience every little thing that life has to offer. I want to experience the crazy, wild, thrilling and unordinary chapters of it. I want to finish it off leaving that blank white canvas that i started with, but marking it with every single color that exists to mankind. But that’s not all, I want to add some swirls and dashes, some ladders and hills, a dark night sky, city lights and a lightening bolt, I want trees that goes beyond the tallest buildings, I want…

Focus Inward

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When you don’t know what to do about something, it most likely means you are lost. When you are lost, you are searching for some sort of answer. Whether you are aware of it or not, you already have the answer. The answer is within you; you just haven’t accessed it yet.

Your Main Focus

Ask yourself what you’re focusing on. This is what you are spending most of your time and energy on.

Are you drained of energy? Are you tired and exhausted? Are you filled with anxious thoughts and worries? …

Don’t search for it, let it come to you

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When it comes down to love, I have one strong theory.

If you let it come to you, then you will find it. If you try to find it, then it won’t come to you.

In other words, what’s meant to be will simply be.

If you really think about it, it’s crazy to think about how you ended up exactly where you are right now.

Think of the Universe as a whole, then think about the billions of people who live on Earth, then think about the countries that divide us, the tiny state that you live in, and…

Foods that boost the brain and memory

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Your brain is kind of a big deal.

In order for it to function properly, your brain needs to be feeling nice and healthy so it can do its job. After all, it is the control center for literally everything you do.

The food you eat has a huge effect on how your brain is feeling, and therefore determines how well you are functioning.

There are certain foods to help boost your brain health and also improve specific mental tasks such as concentration and memory.

Here are the top brain foods to help your brain function at its best!

1. Fatty Fish


Mindfulness is the key to a happy and fulfilled life

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Do you know what one of the biggest causes of unhappiness is?


And unfortunately, overthinking is an easy trap to fall into. It’s easy to overthink when you have so much going on in your life. It all starts with one “what if” thought, and it can only get worse from there. I’ve been there. It isn’t fun. It brings so much unnecessary stress and anxiety into your life.

When you’re overthinking, you are thinking of all the wrong things rather than the right things. You are missing the most precious moment of all time, which is the present…

Daily habits for a satisfying life

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Do you know what’s amazing about being alive? We simply have the opportunity to live!

But unfortunately, many people aren’t really living, they are just existing. We shouldn’t have to be alive just to exist, we should be alive to live our lives. We are so lucky to be here and it can be easy to forget that.

Life is too short to dread your days and only look forward to the weekends.

You want to be living your life to it’s absolute fullest because this is the only life you’ve got. …

Think sexy, be sexy

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Why is it that when a woman wears a little red dress and lipstick, guys will drool over her and helplessly stare?

Is it because of the sexually appealing red dress and lipstick look or is it because she feels sexy in that outfit, therefore, is being sexy?

Either way, it’s normal to feel sexy when you’re wearing a sexy outfit, but what if you want to be sexy while wearing jeans and a t-shirt?

What if you want to be comfortable and sexy at the same time?

It’s possible. It’s all about the way you think and the way…

Is your empathy to blame?

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I’ve had social anxiety ever since I was a child. After suffering from this disorder for some time now, I’ve put much thought into it. I’ve dug deep into my childhood memories, looked into which social settings triggered me the most, and paid close attention to my thoughts and behaviors around certain people. After years of observation and self-analysis, I’ve come to realize my social anxiety is a lot more than what science says it is.

Psychological science believes that social anxiety is more common in those who have dealt with bullying and physical or emotional abuse as a child…

Own who you were meant to be

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I’ve always known that I was different ever since I was a child. I couldn’t help but to effortlessly be the odd one out. Growing up, this made me upset. I wanted to be cool and fit in like the other kids. But as I grew older, I realized how much I actually love being different. I embrace my individuality now! I love it and it’s what makes me, well, me!

So why is being different a good thing?

Well, because everyone is different anyway, so might as well be your own kind of different.

Being different makes you more fascinating

I truly feel that no…

The Power of a Growth Mindset

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Whenever a difficult situation occurs in our lives, we have a choice. We can either view it as a setback and not go any further, or we can view it as a chance to learn something new and keep going. What you choose determines what happens next. It all depends on the state of mind which you chose to go with.

Maybe you gave something a try and failed terribly at it. Maybe you even put so much faith in yourself, believed in yourself to the fullest, and yet, still didn’t succeed. It happens, it’s life. But what do you…

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