Now You See Me, Now You Don't

I can remember the last time I was “openly” checked out by a random guy. I was in a parking lot loading my car when some guy drove by, stared right at me, looked up and down and nodded. That was three years ago. Since then I’ve had a baby, my body has changed, and my time to invest in what I look like has gone down. I understand exactly what you mean going from invisible to visible and back (actually you start off pretty visible as everyone loves babies — you just aren’t conscious of it). Now that sexual attraction is off the table for me from random strangers, it kind of makes everyday experiences more enjoyable. You can just talk to people about real things and relate. I am enjoying this period in my life (I’m 32). My husband and daughter make me feel beautiful, and I only need their approval. When life is about so much more than looks, it is very freeing…

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