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This is honestly one of the worst articles I’ve ever read. It is so biased I can’t believe people passed it on thinking it was making a solid argument. Think about this: at what age does this life START mattering to you? You just described this person’s entire life calling her an “it” the entire time. Implying that she has no right to be in existence. I have never, EVER met a mother who implied she wished she had gotten an abortion. The only place you would ever hear of something like that is on television. People love their children, even if they seem “less than” to you.

You don’t know the story behind every pro-lifer, you don’t. I’m sorry, but you’re not a mind reader. I am for helping the less fortunate and I am a pro-lifer. Can your brain even comprehend that? I could even come up with better arguments for pro-choice. I’m sorry, but this article did not bring up anything new to ponder. I’ve already thought about it and I think poor people want to live.

This article gives the impression that if you are going through a tough time, if you can’t pay your bills, or if you’re behind in school, you would have been better off never having been born. I don’t think poor people wish they were dead, at least not most of the time. You don’t think much of them, do you?

Here are some possible, more solid, arguments for you next time around:

· Should someone be forced to support another person’s body with his or her own because that other person’s body cannot support itself.

· Even in cases of rape, how do we even prove that it was rape and why should the mother be forced to disclose this?

· If men can just take off because they don’t want to be a father and not have anything in their lives change (including their bodies) then why shouldn’t women be able to do so also?

I hope to hear something more thought provoking. Even though I side on pro-life, I realize that this is not a perfect world and there are no easy answers. Peace.