• Work Through It Not Despite It
  • Remember it’s a process.

It’s all a process.














Is it new?

Does it challenge you?

Is it easier to throw your hands up and quit?

When the answers are yes, that let’s me know it’s worth it to persevere through the process.

We don’t grow when we’re not challenged. We don’t assess and reflect when there is no adversity.

David EXPECTED adversity. His heart was so strong in the only thing he could be sure of — a good a loving father that never fails.

Paul never really complained about his suffering. He knew adversity was imminent. But he also knew his purpose, his identity, and his mission — again confident in that same good father.

So how in today’s culture do we impact others? With so many voices screaming, distracting, comparing, pulling us away from that confidence.

Control the controllables.

I can only control me. My attitude, my thoughts, my actions, my work ethic, my example.

Most of the time I don’t do that so well.

Every day is a new opportunity to grow, learn, share, show, give, pray, study.

I get exceptionally frustrated when discussing the state of today’s child/ teen/ student and how differently they act and respond.

When in fact, I am part of the reason they are the way they are. We foster and develop —even encourage a cruise ship mentality.

To avoid conflict and make overworked lives easier, we lawnmower parent/ lead/ guide/ teach the answers. We give those who need driving questions and problem solving skills the cheat codes before they even play the game. We give them a zillion examples when they are not only capable of seeking those for themselves but need to overcome the adversity and learn through the process of troubleshooting.

We train them to expect the answer. Demand it. Then we arm them with platforms to spew this trained behavior on anyone who will listen.

Complain. Fight it. Speak out against the adversity. Then sit in that pool of negativity and sulk — dragging down anyone within reach.

We need affirmation. Connection. Community.

All of us — despite our differences.

But we also need a healthy dose of perspective.

Perspective matters.

  • Cruise ship mentality docks when the storm comes, war ship mentality heads toward the storm.
  • Consumer mentality waits for someone else, creator mentality leads the way to try something new.
  • Complainer mentality dwells on the negative, problem solver mentality used the negative to support the solution.

My little people are the most amazing yet most challenging disrupters of my life. I learn so much from the mishaps, behavior, and decisions they make every single day. They reveal the best and worst of me. It would be so easy to fix every problem, correct every mistake, and give them answers I don’t even possess. But their process is part of mine.

Lord, change me.

Help me to be the source of example for those I influence to see someone formed in the image of Christ.

Moment by moment.

Remind me when I forget to remember:

  • No one is outside your reach
  • Perfection isn’t required, progress is
  • It all matters
  • It’s absolutely worth it
  • It’s ok to not be ok — it’s just not ok to stay there
  • Every day brings opportunity to impact others

It’s. All. A. Process.