What makes you tick?

The fundamental part of every clock is not the numbers or the hands, as many commonly think; it’s the batteries. The batteries supply the necessary energy to help the clock to carry out its sole purpose, which is to tell time. So why is the core of every clock hidden in crevices where, on a daily basis, they are never seen? You will notice that they are never displayed on the front of the clock because they aren’t as beautiful as the clock’s architecture and structure. Yet they are a vital part of every clock.

Like a clock, each person has characteristics, passions, standards, and, yes, even pet peeves that energize them to carry out their mission.

What fuels you to complete your purpose in life? What makes you tick? And more importantly, why are you hiding those things from the world?

Is it the perfect harmony created by a chord progression and melody combined to sing a sweet song? Or the sound of a hard plastic ball immediately stopping as it makes contact with a carbon or wooden stick? Is it the ability to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak a word of your native language? Or walking out of the classroom and knowing that you have learned something that will help you to better form your opinions and arguments in the future?

Yes, these are all things that make me tick, that help me to grow into the person I want to become. They help me to live out my mission every day. If you asked me what my mission was 7 years ago, I’d tell you this:

“As a daughter of the Lord, my mission is to listen to everyone with open ears and not to judge them based on first impressions. To look at them based on their hearts and not their looks. To embrace each person as if it is the last time I will ever see them. And to respect life for you only have one shot. Life is short so make the best of it while you can.”

And while that statement is still true, if I rewrote my mission statement today, it would sound more like this:

“As a daughter of the Lord, my mission is to push myself so that I can better myself and others every day. That I will seize the opportunities put in front of me and realize that everything I do will mold me into the person that I want to become. That I will focus on the relationships I have with the people around me because it’s the people that make our world so great. And that I will respect, love, and listen to those around me. Life IS short, so make the best of it while you can.”

My mission statement is my batteries. It is what wakes me up each morning and gives me the energy to make it through the day.

My mission statement is what makes me tick.

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