How I designed the scenario for Wheeshing App

Andrea Mecenero is a freelance UI designer.

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Appendix: I’m telling a new story for you. This is connected with one of my case study. You can see here.


A long time ago, human beings invented the wheel. We didn’t know precisely when this happened, but we know how useful it is today. Nowadays, every type of transport uses this tool, and sometimes it breaks. And here starts my job!

Some time ago, I began to work on a new mobile App associated with wheels. A company asked me to process an idea and to build it. I met the client, a funny guy middle-age, marketing manager of a tyre company who had an idea in his mind. We set a brainstorming for the same day. We sat around a table with a team of Devs, and he started to present it. …

I’m telling you a story, how I became a web designer.

Andrea Mecenero is a freelance UI designer.

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During my childhood, I was a child who loved drawing comics characters and building fancy villages with carton boxes. I remember I was — indeed I am still — a football aficionado, and after the FIFA World Cup 1994, I began creating stadiums with all the materials I could find at my house. The room that my parents left me free for my imaginations was the attic, quite full of dust, but for me, it was the best place where I could spend my afternoons.

I think I could have been a perfect architect, but my education took a different path during my maturity. I studied as an accountant at the high school, and from the day after my graduation — I was so exhausted of business economics and calculations — I reflected what I wanted to do with my life, and it came over my head the passion of the drawing. The love for illustration brought me to enroll in the art school where I decided to study computer graphics. The computer was during the high school a new magic tool I fell in love, I still remember when my parents brought me my first PC, it was an old grey case, an AMD Duron without a graphics card at all, Windows ME installed, and Internet was still a mirage. During my years at the art school, I truly liked how to design new logos, corporate identities, flyers, posters, packages and so on. Most of my classmates became graphic designers, printers, and art directors; but me not really. I was curious about the digital art and the animations, and my degree didn’t give me all these abilities I wanted, so after the bachelor's degree, I started to study on my own the semantic web. …


Andrea Mecenero

UI Designer creating wireframes and prototypes to improve the effectiveness of the web. []

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