“If you are not making someone else’s life better, then you are wasting your time”.

-Will Smith

For me, this quote represents what every company should have as its main objective, empathy with the customer to meet their needs because if we make better the lives of others as well also improve ours.

Entrepreneurship borns from new ideas that make a difference and make a company can be distinguished from all the others. We have to be willing to create and believe we are able to innovate so we can choose from the many choices out there and do the best we can with them. If we don’t dare to do something different, it is unlikely that we are successful, and this is due to the fear of failure that prevents us from new risks.

The thought of the welfare of others is the basis of motivation for anyone, as a company, this may become more important in a field of competitive market as it seeks to be the first choice among the customers, and this is posibe through innovation.

To be an innovative company must take into account the needs and desires of customers that are constantly changing and find the most efficient way to satisfy them and make them feel happy. This feeling of happiness generates a behavior of loyalty to the company, and this is achieved by having customers permanently resort to our services and ideas.

But how do we make people’s life better?

Customers seeking the most comfortable product that fit their desires and want to have it available as fast as possible. Everyday technology advances and evolves, so that large companies must constantly perform analysis of their customers and to identify new needs they want to meet.

In this way the company renews or create new products, can maintain or increase their sales, so both sides are benefited thus generating a social good. It is important to label as an innovative company that allows people who are related to them are entrepreneurs, and this is achieved with the concern that people feel considered, they know omeone are thinking of them and trying to get better and better your lifestyle to reach a state in which all people live happily through acts of consideration.

As Will Smith said, if we are not making the life better of the others somehow or contributing with ideas to the world, we are wasting our time. Always there will have someone or something that he needs from our interest or help, to dedicate time to the well-being of the persons is to take advantage of the opportunities that give us.