Conquering Perspective

Lennon once said, “The more I see, the less I know for sure”

I find it astounding that in many cases our ego leads us to believe our human vision is infallible. In the humblest regard I agree with Lennon because truly the only thing I know for sure is that I don’t know much at all.

As I sat beside the water (water above) I noticed ripples flowing in one direction and against the ripples a tiny unassuming leaf floating slowly to the rhythm of an invisible current. Perspective is a funny thing because unknowingly we submit mentally to constructs we’ve learned in the past. In the same respect our experiences become by products of that which we perceive.

Imagine if, we as humans were finally able to see the truth behind everything. Imagine if we lived in a state of trueconsciousness and we could finally just SEE everything without masks, biases, or constraints.


In 1988 a Harvard/Kent State experiment uncovered the phenomenon of “Change Blindness” easily understood by the common phrase, Hidden in plain sight. Neither news nor innovation the idea is quite simple. Internally, our insight into the world at large even operating in the present moment skews perspective and creates an experience unique to each individual. Perspective in essence becomes a natural bias. This innate filter that somehow lays precedent to the existence of augmented reality. In that line of thinking we are biologically manipulated to “THINK DIFFERENT”. Interesting right?


Credit: Panels

Conquering perspective is not just a cool headline/psychology ploy, although I love cool headlines. But (preposition offender) at a basic level perspective explains how and why we interact and respond. It becomes the hypothesis behind what actually drives a person to act. In light of the fact that everything coming directly from my mind is just basically my own damn opinions :P I decided to ask a few people what actually drives you do download and app. Here’s what they said:

anchor is interesting isn’t it :) You can reply as well every addition to the endless stream of knowledge available to us today is only useful when we start talking about it! (mommy lecture over)

Every action is the result of a motivating force
Do we have to give credit to MEME’s? be honest

As a startup, founder, entrepreneur, marketing scientist, internet badass :) whatever sounds coolest to you — anytime you are creating for actual use, anytime you are solving for “x” it’s probably a great idea to conquer PERSPECTIVE and actually view the problem for what it is.

To elicit action your perspective cannot taint the conversation. Comparable to the mind of a kindergartener. If you give a 5 year a mini flower pot they might pour milk in it and call it a cup. All the while you’re screaming, “No, that’s for Dirt”.

A kid was thirsty. In his sightline there was an object that resembled a cup and so he used that material to solve his problem. But your perspective sent you into the kitchen to get a resource that already existed in plain sight. Perspective in our personal lives is empowering but for business it can be a slippery slope like operating with eyes wide shut. Think about it.