I have felt time stop twice. Once I felt it all slow down before the heavy hand of truth struck me coldly in the face. The truth was one plus one equal two and two times me equal three. No warning, in a sudden motion it all came tumbling down in a moment. But right before I felt it all slow down and time stopped just for me, in an array of confusion my mind shifted into an urgent mode of desperate attempts to grasp the meaning in a moment. I dissected every fraction of every second in one instant. One plus one equal two times me equal three. I couldn’t understand that it was all me, it was right in front of me all me times me, it was me and it hit me so hard and fast that time slowed down just for me, so I could see.

And then I saw and I saw and I felt and I felt and I fell and I fell and I kept falling at infinity miles per hour into nothing. I wasn’t falling I was soaring downward into a pit to nowhere. And then time stopped again. But this time it stopped right after I blinked. I blinked and I was static. In an array of clarity I was soaring through the clouds and I could see it all and it was all so bright. My mind couldn’t grasp how or what or who. One times two equal you. I travelled through space and time because it suddenly all wasn’t me. In a blink of an eye I was a bird over the ocean under the sunset. Time stopped so I could stop and see. I saw everything and time was slow, it was always slow because I could always see, for infinity. It was always slow because I could always be. I could be and be and be and time was always slow just for me.