Backfire: how a pharma-funded “Listserv” and censorship are turning the movie Vaxxed into a…
J.B. Handley, Jr.

This is the second obvious recent blunder with the move to remove exemptions being the first. The passing of SB277 in California, which removed all but medical exemptions, stirred many people into action — myself included, someone on the sidelines a year ago. These acts of censorship will bring in another group of people who wonder why the government is getting involved. They’ll discover that there is real science behind the autism-vaccine link and some will join the fight.

It’s true that widespread censorship can quell popular resistence but that’s much more likely to be successful when those censoring have more control over the entire society, like in, say, Russia, China or North Korea. In the West there are too many ways to get the information out. Censorship here must not be so obvious to work well. 
The basic fact is damning: a current CDC scientist is on the record saying that at the request of his employers he hid the link he found between autism and vaccines. 
Now many, many more people know this than did before.

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