Thanks for your suggestion, backhanded as it was.
Ryder Spearmann

“Thanks for your suggestion, backhanded as it was.”

Like you replying to me pointing out the logical fallacies in your arguments as lacking “any intellectual integrity.”?

“You must have gone to college… the only explanation for such foolishness.”

You got me! I went to college, that’s why I know nothing. Two degrees, so I know even less!

“By now everyone will have noticed that you’ve entirely failed to present a case of any specificity.”

OMG the internet is going to so mad at me! How am I going to live this down??!?!


Trump, is that you?!?!

I clearly presented evidence showing that your views on marriage are incorrect in my first response and you called it superficial. I then pointed out your contradictory and superficial opinions on gender relations and women specifically, and purposely misunderstood because it doesn’t fit your narrative. My favorite parts are still these:

… but for the older ones, they are so desperate that they think their best bet is to “change me”, and get me to want to become their legal slave.” and “ Women aren’t. They are hyhpergamic… and are generally always on the lookout for greener grass.

Has it occurred to you that once they realize that you’re a shit person and an unsupportive partner, and will always be a shit person and unsupportive partner, they leave?

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