Virtual Reality and Clinical Hypnosis

《“Virtual Reality (VR) will change the world and your everyday life”》《Recover from medical issues and nasty injuries by ‘retraining your brain’》, they say.

This is what hypnosis already does (always did) and that’s why it works, even better because you are in a very deep, relaxed and special state. 
And yes, through hypnosis what we do is to create a VR environment. With exponential technology we’ll expand the immersion into the created scene. That means more and better synapses, more neuroplasticity, more “good” neurotransmissors, (more emissions of the “right waves” and frequencies to the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ world as well…). As ‘simple’ as that.

Everytime I talk about this to some collegues at work and even friends, they look at me — and I don’t know if “amazed” or just thinking “this girl lives in a crazy world” :) Actually I’ve been talking about this and the increase of the hypnotherapy potencial and its results through VR for a long time, and we’re getting closer and closer. For me it’s pretty obvious this impact in the future of medicine, and in the psychotherapy field and/or mental health in particular.

Read the article below and see more about this (
“VR has also been shown to be an effective pain management tool in instances where morphine isn’t enough. (…) in which burn victims are shown a VR visualization of a “snow world”. (…) they feel is actually just extreme cold — it’s shown to provide three times as much relief as morphine.”

I won’t talk about how these processes influence our magnetic and energetic fields and how it impacts our lives, but that’s true, this emissor-receptor of frequencies which our body-brain is, interfacing all the world and the physical laws that govern it, how this all works… That’s a conversation for another time ;)

**Go deep, to go further**
Let’s keep exploring the deepest and unknown ocean — our existence itself.

I love it! You?