This Project Raised Half a Million, Then Got F*cked By Kickstarter
Nathan Resnick

Ok Thanks for this article and i would like to tell my opinion and my experiences on the matter cause I’m a victim also of this attitude of Kickstarter so first of all explain to me how come you launch a Campaign and after you received the APPROVE from KS and automatically you going to invest a lot of energy and money in order to promote your campaign and after few day KS going to suspend you with out any clear explanation of your break the rules ???? the Approve for me is like a contract when you sign cannot wake up few day later and say…. You know i change my mind i won’t commit this contract anymore !!!! (and in case you doing that you will pay the consequence!! )so is absolutely absurd and unfair what KS doing cause they should get responsibility about what they doing!!! like any other Company on the World cause they give big damage to the Creator with out give any compensation !!! So before APPROVE if they thinks the project is not respect the rules the must not allow the Creator to open!! but not they let you open and after that they KILL YOU!!!.To me they done not only one time but two time for the same campaign they let me open the first campaign and they suspended cause they say i have some… rendering on so ok!! i remove all the rendering and add all my REAL prototype and photo and i re-lunch the campaign again and get the APPROVE…… so i was happy me and all my group , AND AFTER THAT 2 DAY LATER THEY SUSPEND AGAIN!!So i was forced to move on Indiegogo soon i will open and i Prey God will help me this time . Thanks for read all my comment and i just do that in order that one day this can be help to change some system to KS not matter how Big They are!!!

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