Worshipping of Aesir sky gods in Denmark

“Getting to know your ancestors is a way to know yourself, and how you act in your life. The ancient values are timeless and fundamental to be able to treat each other in a fair and respectful way.”


The event Greatþing

Heathen relics

“Viking culture is something latent in Scandinavian countries, that simply cannot be denied. As Vikings used to say, you need the community around you for a well-being life”.


“If more people would adopt a more religious way of seeing things, there will surely be more responsibility for the future and meaning to their life, and they will easily increase their honour after death.”

Mass media and new believers

“The new EU state doesn’t fit values of young Europeans, that see in these series a chance to discover the pride and the strength that are hidden inside themselves. Of course seeing also very beautiful women and strong men fighting helps”

Viking values


“Doing sacrifices is a way comparable to paying taxes to the church, you share something with the gods because you want something back”.

rising full red moon over Vinderup’s countryside on the first day of the Greatþing

video e multimedia— Rome, Italy

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