A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

OK… where do I start on this one.

First of all, a few questions and considerations:

  1. How big was the Open Source project we are talking about? If it were more than a few lines of code, then it is completely unreasonable to ask the developer “as a favor” to rename it and make it inaccessible.
  2. The way you went about it (we are a big company, we are going to ruin you) is *TOTALLY NOT* a polite request. And, no, that was not “unfortunate wording”. That was *BULLYING* plain and simple of the “I have an offer you cannot refuse” kind.
  3. You could have offered compensation, after all you were not trying to be dicks, right? Well, that’s one for you :)
  4. You describe yourself as a the “Head of Messenger”, which means you are not a developer. A developer would probably give himself a different job title or say where he comes from, at least for the first post.
  5. The people at NPM did the wrong thing. They really did. They caved to corporate pressure for nothing instead of doing the right thing and defending *both* positions: “Ye, we see your problem, but this guy has been around for a while, his packages are used, so what makes you think that he should give this up for free?”.

With all of that said, really, the outing of the emails really shows what kind of bullies you are. I think you all need some training in empathy.


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