How to send dynamic data from KLWP to Tasker

In most cases, the relationship between Tasker and Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker is one where Tasker sends data to KLWP, and KLWP triggers tasks in Tasker. The former is easily solved using the Tasker plugin or the JSON method I posted, while the latter can be done by using a Touch action with a Tasker shortcut. Sending dynamic data from KLWP to Tasker is however less intuitive, but not difficult.

To be frank, there are probably several ways to do this, but I just went with my first instinct: AutoApps. João Dias has a tendency to provide solutions to my problems a year or so before I know I need them. In this case, the solution is AutoTools. AutoTools has a feature where you can use a URI to send commands from anything that can “open link”, as KLWP calls it. The URI is:


For the command, refer to the description of the AutoApps Command System to see how you can format a command and act on it in Tasker.

Using KLWP formulas, you can make the data it send be dynamic. As an example, here’s a “Open Link” touch action that sends the URL of a thumbnail, which is stored as JSON and part of my Trakt widget, to Tasker.

This takes the static part of the URI and command, and adds the dynamic URL from a JSON file. When the KLWP is clicked, the complete URI is sent to Tasker, where I have a profile that triggers from it (again, see the AutoTools Command System tutorial).

This method is useful whenever you need to include some dynamic data when running a Tasker task from KLWP. The example above is somewhat edited to hide what it actually does, but the bottom line is that it sends a URL to my PC via Tasker and Join when I click something in KLWP.

It could also be used to reduce the number of tasks, by not hardcoding information, e.g. having a UI for a home automation system, using a single task for light brightness, and simply send the brightness level using this method. Music functionality is another option, and one that popped up in a request for a feature like this years ago. The possibilities here are more numerous than the complexity of this trick would suggest, as it allows KLWP to act as a UI for a lot of sophisticated Tasker creations.

Gadget geek with a special interest in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware.

Gadget geek with a special interest in aftermarket (and user created) software and hardware.