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I recently moved my résumé from Google Docs to being an HTML page, giving me more creative and technical freedom. As part of that move, I wanted the résumé to be available in different languages.

Sure, I could go with a (server-side) templating language or a static site generator such as Jekyll to serve translated content, but I wanted to keep things simple and just rely on pure HTML and JavaScript.

This article describes how I implemented an i18n feature for my personal résumé without using any third-party libraries. …

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If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last couple of years, you might have heard about the term Web Components, a collection of APIs to easily extend existing HTML and for building reusable components without the need of frameworks like React.

Still, most developers tend to favor said frameworks, because they give them more tools and flexibility. Things like data binding and state management, which are undoubtedly important for building data-driven and interactive UIs.

In the case of React, there’s another great concept: props. Its API offers a nice and straight-forward way of passing data from a parent…

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Disclaimer: The following article reflects my personal opinion and experiences and is in no way meant to badmouth certain libraries, tools or developing styles.

Beauty is considered to be a subjective thing — everybody defines and sees it in a different way. Every time I code something, I don’t just strive to make my applications look beautiful on the outside, but also the code that powers them. Having ugly, bloated or badly documented code is a no-go for me.

However, especially in HTML and CSS, I have recently noticed a shift. Since mayor libraries like React have gained popularity, the…

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Recently, I published a tutorial on how to create email chips in pure React. My goal was to show you how easy it can be to build such components in React without using any third-party scripts or dependencies.

In this article, I want to step up the game even further by removing React from the table. Yes, you heard me right, no React!
Take my hand, relax, and venture out into a framework-less world without any dependencies, build pipelines or NPM scripts. Are you ready?

The finished component. Go ahead and try it out.

Why would you do this in the first place?

Many developers tend to get nervous…

As it turns out, chips can also be found on your computer’s mainboard. Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash.

Imagine that you, the good-looking developer (yes, I’m talking to you!), want to build an invitation form where users can add one or more email addresses to a list and send a message to all of them.

Thinking about how this could be solved the best way possible, I looked at what Google does in their Gmail application. In the “New Message” overlay you can enter an email address and press “Return”, “Tab” or a comma to add it to the list of recipients. You can even paste a bunch of email addresses and the app will go ahead and…

Recently I had to build a simple banner in a React app that informed users if they use an outdated browser, such as Internet Explorer 11. Initially, I thought that this task would be rather simple, but surprisingly it took me quite a bit to figure out the best solution (for this case). Let’s have a look at how I solved it.


  • The banner should only display when a user visits the app using an outdated browser.
  • The banner should point users to a website that informs them about their browser situation. I went with this little site.
  • The company…

Andreas Remdt

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