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A practitioners manual with tips and best practices to leverage TikTok for good, for government, and for social impact.

I spent the summer interviewing the social media managers behind some of the hottest TikTok accounts in the social impact and digital diplomacy space. I also spoke to experts and scholars to better understand how TikTok is growing in this space. And I asked TikTok creators and influencers about their experience on the platform and their advice for both users and organizations to amplify the causes they believe in.

What a summer it has been!

I learned so much about TikTok. Most of all, I had lots of fun experimenting with content and exploring the many innovative ways international organizations, global and local NGOs, advocacy groups, charities, and government entities use TikTok to engage with new audiences and drive awareness around a key issue or programs, from gender equality and refugees, to climate change and migrations. …

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“Our users choose us not because they have to; they choose us because we’re helpful,” Google CEO Pichai says.

The US Department of Justice, joined by the Attorneys General of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, and Texas, have sued Alphabet-owned Google, accusing the company of illegally abusing its dominance in Internet search in ways that harm competitors and consumers.

“Today, millions of Americans rely on the Internet and online platforms for their daily lives,” said Attorney General William Barr.

“Competition in this industry is vitally important, which is why today’s challenge against Google — the gatekeeper of the Internet — for violating antitrust laws is a monumental case both for the Department of Justice and for the American people,” he continued. …

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Messages have flocked on Twitter, from UN and international organizations to presidents and prime ministers.

The Nobel Peace Center has announced the award of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Programme (WFP), the Rome-based United Nations organization focused on fighting hunger and ensuring food security.

WFP Executive Director David Beasley posted an emotional video on Twitter, thanking the “WFP family.” “They’re out there in the most difficult, complex places in the world,” he said.

Here on Medium, WFP Senior Writer Peyvand Khorsandi explained how the “award spotlights conflict, climate change and coronavirus as drivers of a deepening global hunger crisis.”

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Congratulations from world leaders have been flocking on Twitter from all around the world, starting with other UN agencies — including two other Rome-based ones, FAO and IFAD — as well as other international organizations.

UN Secretary-General
IFAD President
FAO Director-General — FAO Newsroom
Executive Director of the World Health Organization
High Commissioner UN Refugee Agency
Executive Director UNICEF
High Commissioner UN Human Rights
Executive Secretary of UN Climate Action
Director-General of the International Labour Organization
Director-General UNESCO
President of the World Bank
Managing Director of the IMF
NATO Secretary-General
Secretary-General of the OECD
Secretary General, IFRC
Chairperson of the African Union Commission
UN Women
Achim Steiner, Administrator of the UN Development Programme
Executive Director of UNAIDS
Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme
Director General of IOM - UN Migration

Congratulations also from the leaders of the G7.

French President Emmanuel Macron
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson
German Chancellor Angela Merkel
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, U.S. Department of State
Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs
Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
President of the European Commission
President of the European Council


Andreas Sandre

Comms + policy. Author of #digitaldiplomacy (2015), Twitter for Diplomats (2013). My views only.

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