Social Media Platforms are growing bigger than countries

Facebook is the largest social networks, third after China and India 

Looking at We Are Social’s Global Digital Statistics 2014 on Social Media, Digital, and Mobile (released this past January 2014), it’s quite shocking how social media platforms are growing bigger than countries. In fact, if you compare the biggest countries in terms of population and the active users of some of the largest social networks, 10 out of 15 are social media tools like Facebook and Twitter.

While China and India remain the most populous, Facebook follows right after with 1,184 million active users. Whatsapp, which Facebook bought in February 2014 for $19 billion, is 6th with 400 million active users. Twitter is only 12th with 232 million active users , followed by Tumblr and Weibo.

Here’s the ranking as of January 2014: