googlebot & logs

Data I found checkin the logs. In order to not forget what better than to share it in Medium?

When: around April 2014

What: around 10 sites split in 3 different countries

How long: I don’t know if for a week or a month

What I found:


23% of the Googlebot calls where done by the smartphone user-agent:

3,5% done by the Feature phone user-agent

83,8% by the classic Googlebot

0,1% done by the (rarely used): Googlebot/2.1 (+ as in

Robots.txt & sitemap

0,94% of the calls were done to the robots.txt file

0,05% of the calls were done to the sitemap file

0 % of pages blocked with Robots.txt were crawled

Where from:

99% of the times the bot came with an american IP

Getting deeper:

In Germany:

1,5 % KL

33,59 % SB

40 % BR

0,17 % Glossar

0,225 % Lexikon

17,46 % track.y

0,92 % homepage

1,03 % blog

0,2% optiker

0,05% service

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