Tips to Increase Battery Life of Android Smartphone

It is smartphone era, where everything can be done with a smartphone. But if the same smartphone has everything, but doesn’t have enough battery to get done the tasks in crucial situation, you will definitely feel desperate.

If you are an Android user, you need some tips to increase your phone battery life. Being a premiere best mobile app development company in San Francisco, we are helping you to increase battery life of your Android phone with useful techniques:

Tips to Increase Android Phone Battery Life


To increase battery life of smart phone, the first thing you need to do is to decrease the brightness of the mobile screen.

Screen timeout:

Reduce the screen time out to less than 15minutes. Keep the mobile in power saver mode. If you don’t have power saver app, download it.


When you’re not using the Bluetooth, turn it off. It won’t drain out the battery.


When you’re not listening to the music, then turn the radio off.


When you’re not browsing the internet, that time turn the Wi-Fi connection off. Turn it on when you need it.


To monitor your location, use GPS connection, otherwise turn it off. In most of the smart phones, there is an option in settings to turn off the GPS mode.


Don’t leave the apps when you’re not using, close all the apps when you’re going to lock the mobile, which will help to stop the battery from being drained out quickly.

No vibrate mode:

To increase the battery of smart phone, try to keep mobile in ringing mode because the vibrating mode will occupy more power than the ringing mode.

In some smartphones, when the battery is 20 percent, then the vibrating mode will be automatically turned on.

Connect to charging before 30%:

The battery should always be with at least 30 percent of charging. Don’t charge to100 percent, it should be between 30 to 80 percent, it will help to increase the battery life.

Notifications & Auto Updates:

Turn off all the notifications when you’re not using the mobile. Don’t allow the email update option every time, use whenever you need to check.

Screen Animation & Lock Screen Notification:

Try to disable screen animation. Using the lock screen notification is a better option to save the battery of mobile. Always use company battery or original battery to save the power.

Place in cool area:

Don’t keep mobile in hot environment. Always keep mobile in cool places. Don’t keep mobile like inside the car and bike pockets etc.

Paid Apps:

Choose at least some paid apps because the free apps takes more battery than paid apps. So better to take some paid apps for your mobile. It is not like that that every free app will reduce the mobile battery, only some apps reduce the battery of mobile.

Keep in flight mode:

If you’re in any place that doesn’t have mobile signals, then switch it on to the flight mode to increase the battery life.

Avoid 3D images:

Don’t use 3d images as a wallpaper of mobile , use normal images as wall paper to increase the battery life.

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