12 Things You Can Do If You’re Feeling Anxious

1. Call a friend.

Do people even call people anymore? Well you should because hearing a friend’s voice is way better than looking at words in a text.

2. Go outside.

There’s this weird theory that the Earth gives off energy waves that actually enlighten your mood. It’s real, Google it.

3. Listen to music.

Music is a universal language for a reason. It can tune into all the emotions and alter the way you feel.

4. Watch TV/Netflix.

Put on your favorite TV show or flip through the channels and find a title that sounds appealing to you.

5. Take a drive.

Sometimes going for a drive with no destination in a particular is the perfect way to clear your head. Pair it up with #3.

6. Spend time with your family.

Family is a wonderful thing and sometimes all you need is some quality bonding with those that share your DNA. (Yes, pets count as family too.)

7. Let it all out.

Cry, scream, sing, etc. You get the point.

8. Do some chores.

You’ll feel so accomplished afterwards knowing that you spent your time productively.



10. Make some art.

Painting or drawing something cool for a friend is a fantastic way to use your time.

11. Do a Pinterest project.

There is an endless amount of stuff you can make through that website.

12. Read a book.

Indulge in some nice literature and get lost within each page. Reading is a healthy way to escape reality.



Start a blog *cough* or just simply make a list of what you’re thinking. Write a novel. Writing rocks, highly recommend.