The Life of An ENFP

You are cursed and blessed with a strange, yet intriguing personality to others. ENFPs love concepts, ideas and social settings, but crave alone time more than anyone. They are always searching for the deeper meaning of everything which can be exhilarating and debilitating. Nothing demonstrates what being an ENFP is all about better than some gifs, so enjoy!
  1. You are constantly coming up with new ideas and plans that you know will never get done.

2. You cherish alone time because being so extroverted is exhausting…

3. ..but you love the company of people, so you’re always at a crossroads.

4. You are extremely independent and individualistic (but also socially conscious).

5. You always feel creative and inspired by your surroundings.

6. Getting bored of something in a matter of 3 milliseconds is second nature to you.

7. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to rant about an issue to get it out of your system and move on.

8. People mistake you for being flighty or disconnected because you can change subjects at the speed of light, but really your mind is always thinking of everything at once.

9. You are the definition of productivity an hour before an assignment is due.

10. You can’t stand small talk to the point where you actually can’t talk about anything other than the meaning of life.

11. “Go with the flow” is your middle name because of how easy-going you are.

12. However, you internally get overwhelmed with stress very easily.

13. You are forever working towards your “ideal self”.

14. Despite being a walking contradiction, you are the kind of person that people are naturally drawn to because of your outgoing and diplomatic personality.