analyzed how unicorn leadership teams compare to other companies. They found that Unicorns hire game changers earlier. It took us 4 years to figure out how to consciously and repeatedly hire game changers. I wrote this post to help you get there in a few days.
Note: This post is focused on hiring executives but most practices apply to any hiring process.

We hired people who weren’t fit for the job

At Avrios we hired leaders and employees who weren’t fit for the job. On one of the worst days of my career, I had to let 12 people go because of that. Strong stomach aches plagued me for several weeks in a row before and after that day. I can only imagine the stress and anxiety I caused for those 12 people. Deep inside I knew it was not their fault. It was our fault as a company and thus my fault as a leader. I swore to myself that this would never happen to me again.


Andreas Brenner

Serial tech entrepreneur trying to advance society. Founder & CEO @, Founding Investor @

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