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Organizations need to approach how they are developing new innovations differently or risk being left behind. And not just technology companies; every organization needs to look at the way they want their workforce to develop new products and services. This is a subject I am very passionate about and continue to explore any chance I am afforded. So much so, that I dedicated my university thesis to the subject.

While in the depths of studying three global superpower companies ( who have declined to publish their names along with my research), I noticed a clear trend amongst them. The ways in which they were approaching innovation internally was different from what you would traditionally expect. All three organizations were utilizing open innovation and acquisitions to develop rather than sticking to traditional R&D. As resource heavy of an approach as this may seem, it really doesn’t need to be. As a business leader, there are plenty of ways to adjust the scale of innovation efforts to match the scale of your company. …


Andreas Calabrese

Managing Director @Zetta Ampersand {Technologies, Organizations, Business, and Progress}