The Conference: 3 Speakers I’m looking forward hear

All who have tried to get something like a conference off the ground knows how extremely difficult it can be. Getting everything right from the speakers to the venue is an extremely demanding process, not to mention attracting the right people.

But here the day before will happen, we are extremely lucky to have the strongest lineup of interesting speakers within artificial intelligence ever in Scandinavia to join us at the conference.

As a small teaser I took it upon myself to write a short teaser about a couple of the talks I am looking especially forward too. My favourite will of course be my very own brilliant colleague Lars Maaløe, who’ll speak at 15.20, but to keep if from becoming to much of an advertisement I’ve focused on some of the many other gems you can look forward to tomorrow.

Remember the three talks I have chosen are among many other cool talks from great companies like Spotify, Unity, Klarna, Microsoft etc.

Talk 1: Azeem Azhar: The State of Artificial Intelligence (09.30CET)

I’ve been lucky enough to hear Azeem talk at other machine learning events, and on every occasion is has been extremely interesting.

Azeem isn’t just any other speaker. He was the founder of PeerIndex, a startup building an expertise directory for the social Web and has previously worked with, started or advised in startups like Seedcamp, Zygo, TrueKnowledge, PlanetOut, Esouk and AMI Software.

He founded and runs The Exponential View which in my humble opinion is one of the most important AI newsletters period (can only recommend subscribing) and in 2016 he was even ranked as the 6# biggest influencer in the UK by Linkedin.

Knowing Azeem right, he will kickoff the day with a deep, interesting and entertaining introduction to the present state of Artificial Intelligence which I am looking very much forward to.

ML at the Curious AI Company — Antti Rasmus: Unsupervised machine learning and beyond (15.50CET)

It takes quite a lot to impress at the Corti office which it comes to machine learning startups, but these guys keeps intriguing us. The Curious AI company might not be a household name, but these guys and girls are pioneering some of the most interesting research within unsupervised machine learning, spearheaded by their Ladder Networks technology project.

I’ve never heard Antti speak before, but I am thrilled to hear more about their thoughts on unsupervised learning anno 2017 and beyond, and get deeper into the challenges they are facing trying to get closer to a general artificial intelligence.

And given his background from NVIDIA and with a iPh.D., from Aalto University in Deep Learning and Bayesian Modelling group, I am sure we won’t be underserved intellectually.

Keynote by Sander Dielemann, Google Deepmind: Deep learning for music recommendation and generation (16.30 CET)

Everybody in the Artificial Intelligence space knows Deepmind, the behemoth AI research company founded in London in 2010 by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman. They pioneered new approaches within Machine Learning and along they way developed brilliant projects like AlphaGo which was the first computer to every beat a professional human GO player. Since the Deepmind has been acquired by Google for $500 mio, but they haven’t stopped innovating, creating models like Wavenet that significantly upgraded they the text-to-speech space by finding novel approaches to mimicking the human voice.

Sander, who you should follow on Twitter, is an interesting guy. With a PhD from Reservoir Lab at Ghent University with a focus on learning hierarchical representations of musical audio signals for classification and recommendation, with a focus on deep learning and feature learning.

Since we are lucky enough to have both Spotify and Sander talk about music from a recommendation perspective, I think we will get very deep into the space of deep learning approaches around media recommendation which I think in a world of mass customisation is incredibly interesting.

I hope you are as thrilled as I am.