Anger and Following Your Calling

Anger has played a big role in my life.

It’s been my side-kick; my go-to response when someone tries to tell me the way I’m feeling is wrong. Or that the way I inherently am isn’t OK.

There have been plenty of times when my behaviour has been in need of correction. I know in the past my feelings and actions were irrational due to my heavy drinking.

But now I’m in this zone where I trust myself and like myself enough to know that my feelings serve a purpose: that they exist for a reason.

And I’m working on responding to outsider requests for alterations to those feelings with less aggression.

I default to anger when people try to coerce me into believing how I feel is not OK. Because to me that’s manipulation.

But then I take a moment to breathe and remember this:

People get very uncomfortable when we don’t think like them or want to follow their lead. They feel very unsettled when someone strums to a beat they don’t know how to play along to.

Not everyone reacts this way. A lot of light and laughter has been brought to this world by way of people being themselves, feelings and all.

Because when we are true to who we are, we radiate good vibes. And good vibes are powerful.

We don’t have to please everyone, and subdue ourselves to soothe the minds of those who don’t understand us.

What we do have to do is hold strong to what we know to be true to us.

Because when we stifle ourselves so that someone else’s idea of normal can continue to exist, we affirm that being true to who we are is not OK.

Our number one job in life is to be who we are. When we do that, the people around us will pick up on our authenticity, and feel inclined to follow suit, creating big, life altering change.

That’s how big our roles are in this life. We are all integral and important and powerful, particularly in our authentic state.

So let’s move forward as we are, releasing the need to be disgruntled. Let’s say mercy to the struggle to be right or wrong, and make room to become whatever it is we feel called to do.

Even if we don’t know the details of what that is yet. Because I sure don’t.

All I know is I feel something calling me. And it says, “Speak”

Those that want us to change want their idea of normal to continue to exist. And our existence threatens that.

I know that they are scared to love themselves enough to be honest. And I can have compassion for their plight, because that used to be me. Some days it still is.

But when the mental tempests of anger subside, I remember:

Be who you are. Always.

And that’s enough for me. Even if it’s not enough for others.

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