To The Lifestyle Coach On Facebook: You’re Missing The Mark

Time for some truth.

I got a direct message from a lifestyle coach on Facebook. I don’t know her directly, but I joined her private group, because she seemed pretty cool via her Instagram profile. So getting a message from her wasn’t out of the ordinary.

But what happened towards the end of our conversation, while typical, was pretty damn disappointing.

Back story: I get that everyone is out to make dollar billz — I mean, it’s a requirement for living. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money.

Plus, I get that entrepreneurs are driven, day and night, to make it. Cool. Good for you. Glad you’re motivated.

But when you only think of how a client can help you, and you drop them like they’re hot once you realize you aren’t getting money out of them right that second— you’re missing the fucking mark people! (Yes — I just pulled a fierce throw back Thursday by referencing Snoop Dogg and Farrell’s epic 2004 track. And…mic drop.)

So this woman approached me asking if I wanted to know about her latest promotion. I told her sure, because I’m happy to hear anyone out, especially someone who seems like she’s got a really cool business going for herself.

A nice little back and forth ensued, and then came the pitch:

“Fantastic, the great part you get a lotta bang for your buck .. I’m a frugal gal & im all about deals! For $160, you get….”

To which I responded:

“I love this idea. I think what you’re doing is freakin awesome. But right now, I’m in “save for holiday” mode. So right now it’s no, but I would be into hearing more about it down the road. And I would be into supporting you via featuring you on my blog’s resources section if you’re into that. You never know where a link will take you these days — learning this first hand as of late!”

To which I got….nothing.

Thing is, she had been on the ball, responding to me as fast as possible. Which I get: the girl is motivated to make a sale. But to cease to acknowledge me, just because I wasn’t going to fork over cash right that moment?

Girl, bye.

It makes me sad. I had been following her on instagram, and she seemed like a super cool chick.

But you know what ain’t cool? Being rude. And lacking tact. Also, blowing someone off when you don’t get what you want from them. That’s a user. Not a self-help guru in the making.

What I have learned as I continue to write and build my reputation as a freelance health and wellness writer is that you never know where a connection might take you.

I’ve also learned that if you are only in the game to make money, you are missing the mark. If you dismiss everyone who won’t give you money on demand as invaluable, you’ll miss out on heaps of connections and opportunities. And if you only look at how others can serve you, and not how you can serve them, you are destined for disappointment.

So to the Facebook life coach: I wish you the best. But damn girl, it’s clear what your intentions are, and they have nothing to do with helping others, and everything to do with helping yourself.

Rant over. Enjoy your day!

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Andrea Scoretz is a soul-centric freelance writer, storyteller, and Huffington Post blogger from Vancouver Island, Canada. Learn more about her via

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