Loving the end of the Swedish summer

How do you know that the Swedish summer is over for the people in media, tech and most other fun things?

Easy: it’s time for The Conference.

Staged in an old butchery in Malmö, Sweden — a large one, turned night club, turned conference center, turned whatevertheheckyouwantittobe — The Conference has set a new standard for what a learning focused gathering around a topic can be.

The team behind The Conference is young, yet experienced. They have an astonishing attention to detail. They are up to speed with what is going on, excited about the next big thing, but rarely falling for a hype.

Matters of diversity come natural for them. This year, both speakers and participants can be counted around 50 percent male and 50 percent female.

Today, I am headed to Malmö to hang out, talk to old and new friends, and to conduct a couple of short stage interviews on the tiny ”mingle stage”, where some of the most interesting guests at The Conference get a second chance to reach out to the audience. I have done this every year for a few years, but since I am moving into a ridiculously overloaded fall season, I am delighted to share the stage with my gifted colleague at Sydsvenskan, ms. Kristin Nord, who is a senior staff writer at the department for culture life and arts. The stage will be all hers on Wednesday.

If you’re lucky enough to hold a ticket (The Conference always sells out in days) make sure to stop by!


Andreas Ekström is a journalist, analyst, author and award winning keynote speaker — based in Sweden, but working all around the world. He writes on Medium most Tuesdays. (Well… some Tuesdays.) Read more here: http://andreasekstrom.com or follow on Twitter: http://twitter.com/andreaskekstrom

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