(Homemade) Food for thought

Eating healthy is someone everyone wants to do as the food we consume directly affects the chemical consistency of our brain ,our thinking pattern and thus our actions.

Talk about giving a new meaning to the phrase you are what you eat

Well as cool as straight forward as this might sound,some people(including myself sometimes) find ourselves eating “healthy alternatives” from Supermarkets or substituting meals with protein bars,powders or even sometimes “£3 Meal deals”.

Well sorry to break it off to you mate but that’s not proper food.

The amount of time that you spend going to get the food and the money it’s simply not worth it.

Back in 2016 i’ve decided that i would implement a lot more homemade food into my daily routine as i love warm,healthy,tasty food and pack it with me to have my meal on the go.Well funny enough it’s not as hard as i thought and i got so many side benefits that were an extra bonus apart from the improved health.

The main benefit is that i chose what i would eat and i didn’t had the illusion of choice as the main objective in the pre packed meals is the profit i wouldn’t guess their first priority is the quality of the ingredients in contrast with homemade food at which you know what you are eating.

Talk about choices eh?!

But for the sake of this medium article let’s ignore the fact that 95% of our foods come from a handful of companies.What i love most about home cooking is that while im cooking i can listen to my audiobooks at twice the speed or get my daily dose of Gary Vee.

One thing is do to cut down time so that i don’t spend 2 hours a day cooking and cleaning is that i will cook a really big meal and then put it in tapperware for later that day or put them in the fridge and they are good to go for when i need them.

Also for people who love their dish interesting the combinations are literally limitless and all over the place.The chefs i learn from are Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver and imo they are the best to teach you also some really basic skills and easy dishes to do on your own within minutes.

And last but not least you don’t have to leave your work space to go and get your meal.If you have the luxury to be an SEO Consultant,website developer or run an online business from a laptop you can take your work in the kitchen and continue hustling from there.

That’s it from me for today

Be safe

Keep hustling