Why Small Business Success Is the Key To A Booming Economy?

I grew up in a family where my parents and all my aunts and uncles were small business owners and operators in varying sectors that included bars, grocery, restaurant, automotive care and transportation. My family was a staple in the community as the various businesses attracted people from all walks of life. I remember while working in my mother’s restaurant I had the opportunity to serve politicians, police commissioners, teachers, bank managers, media personalities, doctors and pastors. I picked up a lot during this time as the customers usually stayed long after they finished their meals discussing business, politics, life, marriage and just about anything else you could think of.

I’ve seen firsthand how thriving small businesses can help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results no only financially but personal fulfillment, community engagement and happiness. I’ve also seen how a failing business can damage a person’s finances, well-being and their families.

There have been multiple studies that cited thriving small businesses equal to booming economy. My family was the second family to move into our community back in the 70’s and now 40 plus years later our community has grown into an eco-system of small businesses, schools, doctor offices, increased property values and residents who achieving their dreams.

While we have experienced many ups and downs the many small businesses not only my family’s have been at the center of holding the community together with the services and products that are helping the residents and visitors solve problems and an outlet for discussions with elected officials, law enforcement and clergy etc..

Every American business — from the most iconic brand to the most steadfast neighborhood establishment — started as an idea. Making sure America remains a place where ideas and new businesses can take root will set the foundation for an opportunity economy that holds promise for everyone.

I’ve concluded that small businesses are our communities. Creating a thriving environment for small businesses is a win-win for clients and business owners alike. And it is with this understanding that after serving in the US Army I have now made my personal mission to help as many small business owners as possible grow and be profitable so they can realize their dreams, build communities like mine and inspired and empowered clients.

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