Electronic music documentations

Techno & House are the most known represantives for electronical music. Within the last 30 years techno got up from a niche direct into the heart of everyones music. Today nearly all releases are mostly electronic influenced music.

I start that list to get an overview about existing documentations of electronic music. Most of them are in german language, because germany has already a strong influence in electronic music.

We call it techno

Documentation about the history of techno & house in it’s early days in germany. You will learn about the rise of Berlin and why it’s still a magnet for electronic music. Unfortunately in german only.

Robin Schulz — The Movie
One of the most successful german music acts outer germany. For me Robin is a product of the success and influence of electronic music. You can like his music or not, but he has a great feeling about how to transfer electronic music into mainstream. Also the movie provides a very deep inside how to scale a DJ as Popstar. Working rules for more than a couple of decades doesn’t work anymore. It’s worth watching to hear what producers and major labels do today to get electronic music into focus of masses.

You miss a documentation? Tell us which and why to expand that list.

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