How to Score That Data Science Job

Every day I get mails or messages on LinkedIn like:

How am I going to get a job in data science?

I’m looking for internship or I want to make a career abroad. But nothing turns out right.

Recruiters are turning me down, or the recruiters say I have a great profile and nothing is happening.

The problem for a lot of you data scientists starting is actually getting noticed.

How to get noticed in 2017

It’s 2017 and we have the internet. People expect you to show your passion.

You need to show what you can do. What I can see is that many of people are doing certifications or going to universities.

Are you posting your certificates on social media and retweet a lot stuff? Then you are some kind of involved, but you are not adding your knowledge or your thoughts.

It doesn't matter if you're retweeting or reposting stuff from in your niche. That shows basically nothing.

What you need to do is go out there and actually do the work. Do projects for yourself and talk or write about the process.

Post those ideas and knowledge on the internet. Share it with the community.

The idea is, that when someone is looking at you. And I mean he 's looking at you online. He needs to say:

“Wow this guy or gal looks very interesting!”

He has a lot of great thoughts and I can see what he’s up to. I can see he’s doing a lot in natural language processing and he’s had his try on these projects.

He's worked on these kaggle competitions and he documented his code on GitHub. He basically went the extra mile.

Show that you are passionate!

I was in situations where we were looking for data scientists. Actually the first thing I am looking at is what is this person doing right now.

Can I get more insight in what he actually does? Into his mindset?

A few days ago I watched a piece of Gary Vaynerchuck where he said:

“The skill is a commodity. The mindset is everything!” — Gary Vaynerchuck

This is so true! In data science, big data or whatever niche you’re in.

Show that you are invested in that nieche. That you’re working on being a Hadoop developer, or on natural language processing.

Show that you’re going the extra mile by doing side projects and not only doing certifications.

Because all of this shows people that you are one of those guys, who are passionate and work hard in that field.

What I do:

I for instance write my own blog. I'm very active on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Medium or Snapchat,.

I don’t have the biggest following, but I’m putting myself out there. Every day. I’m writing a blog, I’m doing YouTube videos, a podcast, Github.

Posting about my ideas and things that drive me. I'm trying to answer every message or comment I get.

I get a lot of job offers from recruiters on LinkedIn. I’m 100% confident that if I really wanted to, I could find another job very easily. But I don’t want any.

So, put yourself out there and show that you're invested.

That you’re a professional. Then, the the actual top offers, they come automatically.

Go the extra mile and work. Work. WORK!

Stand out of the crowd!


If you do the above and your profile is on point: Use me!

Go to my LinkedIn and search my 6.000+ followers for recruiters.

Message them. All of them!

I wish you good luck :)

Talk soon Andreas

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