From our vacation in Cuba we experienced a different kind of traffic

How smartphones can decrease car accidents

The more smartphones the more accidents on bikes, in cars and even when walking. But does really gigant companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft want this as a result of their success?

If the devies are so smart why don’t they protect us the way they can?

I imagine that with latest technology both software and hardware things like gyro, accellerometer, gps and connection to internet itself, the phone should know how we travel right?

My iphone already knows if I travel by car, bike or walking. Why not use that in a useful way for my health?

Put yourself in the situation that you are driving your car to or from work. Your phone is in your pocket and you can feel it vibrate every time you get a textmessage, e-mail or some Push Notification. You pick it up and read it or even more common, you also reply during your drive.

This übersmart device of mine should put itself into what I call Safety Mode when it knows it might be not healthy to use it.

Why does not Apple or Google or Microsoft create Safety Mode in their OS? It is a big question I do not understand.

If you turn Safety Mode off during driving your car you must be aware of the increased risk for a serious accident with you and others.

That possability to turn it off is handy for people in the backseat but when you have your phone in your pocket it just becomes silent when driving off with your car och getting up and away on your bike.

This is a health revolution, who will make it reality? Who cares about all the accidents from using mobile devices in situations that are dangerous?

So will it be Apple Safety Mode or Android Safety Mode? Someone will launch it big time and then we all will look back at this small article and say “We told you so…” ha ha. I would be proud if someone did it, it’s needed.

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