Making the schoolsystem agile in it’s core fundamentals

The agile system called Pomodoro has been around buzzing for many many years. It’s core is about our brain not capable of staying focused for more than 20 minutes in one period of time.

So after each Pomodoro period of twenty minutes we need to have between 3 and 5 minutes paus, walk around, grab a coffe or something. Then restart a new block of 20 minutes.

So in reality you build up your entire day in block of 20 minutes and small breaks between. It is also crucial not to be disturbed during an active Pomodoro session. If disturbed you have to restart the whole session from zero and befin all over.

It’s a simple way to stay focused in short periods of time with nothing else to think of except your thing to do.

And now to our beloved and also critisized schoolsystem. If we as adults according to Pomodoro and others can’t stay focused for longer periods than 20 minutes how can we demand our youngsters to? In my opinion this is pure craziness and just stupid.

Why don’t we apply the tech we know works at our future, the children? Teachers plan lessons to be 40 minutes and longer today. The small breaks between lessons is about running and change books and then run to the next classroom.

Adults don’t like stressfull days, so why do we think children do?

Wouldn’t it be great to start by testing Pomodoro in a school? Split all periods and sessions in the schedule in 20-minute blocks and before that the teaher can go through the lesson in 10 minute and suddenly there are another 10 left for walking, pausing, drinking in between them.

I strongly believe that shorter sessions will benefit focus and increase will of study among students.

It might not be the Pomodoro itself ofcourse but the agile methods sure can and will change schoolsystem in it’s core for the better.

Please comment and share your ideas and feedback.

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